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Private Transportation to your Kennedy Center Performance
private transportation to kennedy center performance

Step into the Kennedy Center like a Kennedy

The Kennedy Center hosts thousands of unique and classic performing arts shows each year. It is a favorite destination for musicians, artists, intellectuals and is a magnet for people who are cultured and well-refined. It is not, however, the type of place where you want to worry about walking long distances from distant parking lots and trying to find your car. It is also a special event that calls for special transportation.

Why Are Private Transports in DC a Necessity?

When you hire private transportation, you can focus your time on enjoying the activities and discussing the events. The traffic in Washington, DC, is among the worst in the nation. Trying to navigate these jam-packed streets without any experience can add boatloads of stress to what is supposed to be a day of relaxation and celebration.

Whether you decide to show up at the Kennedy Center in a brand-new BMW, a limousine, or a luxurious van that comfortably fits your whole group, hiring chauffeurs is well worth the extra expense. These chauffeurs know the area like the backs of their hands and can also show you other sightseeing areas in the DC area.

The most important aspect of hiring private transports is the protection. They have your security in mind and treat you with all the care of a president. As you may read in the news, there are a lot of extremists in the DC area these days. It is a good idea to know where it is safe and when it is safe to visit particular areas.

Low Key and Luxurious

Whether you want to arrive at the Kennedy Center with an entourage of your close friends or simply desire a quiet date with your lover, taking a private transport can make all the difference. Tangier transportation has FBI-style SUVs that will make you look like a high-level secret agent. And they also have high-end coach buses and elegant Mercedes-Benz vehicles with supple leather interiors.

When it comes to large groups, you probably don’t want the liability or stress of learning how to navigate a large bus around the DC metropolitan area. You might even feel a little intimidated by a Sprinter van. You also want the convenience of a chauffeur because chauffeurs know the roads and can anticipate your time of arrival to ensure that you don’t miss out on one note or exhibit.


One key aspect of private transport is the scalability. It doesn’t matter how large or small your group or groups may be. You can reserve separate transportation for each group and coordinate a collective meeting. Allowing professionals to coordinate the event takes a load of stress off your shoulders.

Tangier transportation fleets have the capacity to take a single person or hundreds to the Kennedy Center. You can book your reservations today and start planning the details of the fun you’ll have instead of burdening yourself with the transport aspect of the trip.

Enjoying the Ride

When you are being chauffeured to the Kennedy Center, you can spend all the time you want listening to music, watching videos, and messaging your friends. You can snap photos, update your social media, and eat a gourmet sandwich or other dish as you are cruising through the DC streets in style. You can also enjoy a beverage and unwind with your friends, lover, or family.

And because DC traffic is notoriously rough, you really appreciate the comfortable ride. These are luxury vehicles with soft, cushy seats and a smooth, quiet ride. If you come to town in an economy car, you might feel sore the next day. Customers of Tangier transportation seem to appreciate the quality of the ride and keep rebooking because the trip was memorable and met or exceeded their expectations.

Get to and from your destination without any complications. Take the time to daydream. Hug your partner and share the company of friends and family without a worry in the world. Enjoy the XM radio and the full lumbar support of luxury vehicles.

Professional and Courteous Service

Tangier transportation only hires well-vetted chauffeurs who have made this their profession. Our drivers take personal pride in a job well done and go the extra mile to meet the personal needs of our clientele.

Your safety, comfort, schedule, and security is their number one concern. They are experienced and have years of wisdom to avoid the dangers of the city and to ensure that no one in your group is ever lost or missing in action. Seize the day and book a reservation today.