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Steps To Find the Right Size Vehicle When Hiring A Group Transportation Service
Steps To Find the Right Size Vehicle When Hiring A Group Transportation Service

Are you planning an event for a friend, family member, business engagement, or other activity? A lot goes into the preparation, and there are many things to consider. One of the most overlooked items on the to-do list is booking event transportation for your entire group. Hiring event transportation is a great idea to make things go as smoothly as possible. It helps keep the group together, regardless of the planned itinerary. Booking transportation early is imperative because you don’t want somebody else snagging your vehicle of choice. However, where is a good starting point to begin my search for our group transportation? This article will cover several essential details you want to address before booking the perfect transportation for your event.

1. How Many Passengers Need Transportation?

Now that you have the date of the event set, it is time to create a list of all people who could be invited. This list might get a bit long, but it is ok because the very next step will be fine-tuning the list. After you have gone through and shortened the list to a realistic number, you now have a great idea of the number of passengers that will need transportation on the day of your event.

Many different group vehicle options can suit almost any group size. Buses that can carry up to 56 passengers are equipped with a restroom, TVs, phone and device chargers, and WiFi. Booking a Party Bus is an excellent option for groups of up to 38. A Sprinter would probably do the trick for smaller groups, giving everyone enough room to relax. Beautiful luxury cars are available for intimate evenings for two. Book a Mercedes, Cadillac, or BMW and be transported in complete luxury.

2. What is the Budget for Transportation Service?

It is crucial to decide on a budget for the events group transportation. This is a great time to talk to others in your group and form a budget. Prices can vary greatly depending on many factors, including pick-ups and drop-offs of passengers. Many groups choose to meet in one place, so the driver does not need to drive all over town picking people up. Gathering the group in one place to be picked up is an excellent way to save money.

Now that you have a solid budget for your group transportation, you can save time searching for vehicles because anything out of the budget isn’t an option. By saving this time, you can spend more effort comparing amenities and other available options. Also, when you stick to your budget, nobody in the group will be surprised by a higher cost than was initially agreed upon.

3. What Type of Event is Planned

Depending on the planned event, there are many different styled vehicles to suit your needs. Are you planning a group business trip to a ball game or a different engagement? A large bus could be an excellent option for this type of trip. Think of all the fun everyone would have on the bus.

If a bachelorette party is in the works, a party bus will undoubtedly bring the style and fun you deserve. The party bus can carry up to 14 passengers and has glowing neon lights and a sleek black interior.

If the group is smaller, an Escalade can handle your needs. The Escalade can carry up to 6 passengers comfortably. Each vehicle offers different amenities, so be sure to look over the vehicle fleet details. If you have any questions, call the company to get answers before booking.