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Have a Company Party Coming Up? Don’t Forget Your Private Car Service
Private Car Services to and from your Company Holiday Party

It is that time of the year again when many companies are holding their annual company parties. You have probably seen their ads in your local newspapers or on the internet, but you are unsure how they work.

Benefits of a Private Car Service for your Employees

A private car service offers companies the opportunity to rent out a vehicle in your company’s name for a day or night. All billing might take place under the company’s name, and it offers several benefits:

  1. It’s convenient for employees to travel to and from the party without worrying about driving home after drinking at the party
  2. Employees will arrive at the function on time, well-rested, and ready for a fun night out. There is no need to worry about catching public transportation or cabs following an evening of heavy drinking because your employees will be in their vehicles
  3. Employees will feel confident that they are insured and driving a safe vehicle, not the possibility of riding home in an old cab that has no insurance to cover them should something go wrong
  4. Your employees will also arrive at the event confident, knowing that there is no need for carpooling or splitting a cost of a cab because they each have their ride
  5. Provides your employees with the opportunity to get home safely without worrying about drinking and driving, giving them peace of mind
  6. You will be able to cut down on costs by hiring a private car service for your company functions instead of having multiple vehicles in your fleet
  7. You will also be able to use our service for your employees outside of party functions by giving them a corporate card that they can use to pay for their rides instead of taking out cash, especially if they are using the vehicle more than once per day
  8. Employees will have an enjoyable time at the company party knowing that everything is in good hands. They will not have to worry about getting home safely afterward because there is a safe transportation service at their convenience
  9. Employees do not have to spend the time or energy before leaving for work calling their friends or family or co-workers looking for a ride or worrying about holding people up by having everyone wait on them
  10. Your employees will spend less time waiting around on cabs and public transportation, which means more productivity at work the following day

Tips to consider when choosing a Private Car Service

Several companies offer private car services, and it can be unclear trying to find the right one. We recommend you follow these tips when choosing a company:

  1. Make sure the company has been around for a reasonable amount of time – anything less than five years is not worth your time as it indicates they are more likely to go out of business or not be around for your employees when they may need them
  2. Make sure the company has a good reputation by checking on internet review sites and asking other companies if they have used their services in the past. Companies that offer quick booking services without any follow-up are suspect, while those who take the time to see your needs and follow up with you tend to be the best
  3. Make sure they will provide a company-branded vehicle – many companies try to cut costs by providing their employees with vehicles that do not have vinyl wraps to save money. It is not advisable as it gives your employees a poor impression of your company, affecting their performance at work
  4. We recommend looking at the vehicle before making any final decisions about who you will use as a company car service – while offers vary from company to company. It’s always important to make sure they have a variety of vehicles and not just one type so that if by chance your employees don’t like that type of car, they can always choose another one


If you are around Fredericksburg, Virginia, and looking for a company to provide your employees with the best possible transportation and private car service at work events, we welcome you to contact us.