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What Are the Different Types of Limousines in Fredericksburg, VA?
What Are the Different Types of Limousines in Fredericksburg, VA

These days, there are so many different ways to get around. From public transportation to ride-sharing apps, it’s no longer difficult to travel from point A to point B. Nevertheless, luxury limousine services offer the most convenient and reliable transportation.

When looking into a luxury car service, the many different types of limousines available might surprise you. While initially overwhelming, these options provide suitable transportation for corporate travelers, party guests, and special event attendees. Whether you’re scheduling rides for your wedding service or a night out, understanding your options can help you find the most appropriate ride.

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8 Different Types of Limousines in Fredericksburg, VA

Different events require different ground transportation services. For example, the needs of a wedding are very different from the needs of a corporate traveler. These eight different types of limousines offer excellent options for every event.

1. Sedan Limousine

The sedan limousine offers luxury transit that usually suits corporate travelers best. As the smallest option, these cars serve airport and hotel transfers for one to two travelers.

Despite their size, these vehicles exude luxury and professionalism. As a result, consider a sedan limousine if you are trying to make a strong impression. You can also send sedans to pick up important business clients to demonstrate your care and investment in the relationship.

2. SUV Limousine

One size larger than the sedan is the SUV limousine. These vehicles provide comfortable seating for one to six passengers, making them excellent for group travel.

With an SUV limousine, you won’t have to worry about fitting luggage or equipment into the vehicle. As a result, business and pleasure travelers alike can hire a luxury SUV limousine for all their travel needs.

3. Sprinter Van Limousines

When you’re scheduling a group trip, getting an adequately sized vehicle may seem difficult. You might not have enough people for an SUV, but you’re also not a big enough group for a bus rental. That’s where Sprinter van limousines provide the most convenient transportation option.

Most Sprinter vans fit up to 14 passengers and provide plenty of space for bulky luggage, sports equipment, and other items. Keep your group comfortable by scheduling one of these vehicles in advance.

4. Stretch Limo

When you think of the different types of limousines, the stretch limo likely comes to mind first. These sleek, luxurious vehicles exude class and style, providing an excellent option to make a memorable entrance. With bar amenities, special lighting, and seating for up to 12 passengers, these vehicles offer a special ride for everything from a night out to prom.

5. Lincoln Limo

Lincoln limousines maintain many of the same amenities as regular stretch limos but exude a more professional appearance. These black, sleek vehicles signal to onlookers that someone important is arriving. As a result, Lincoln limousines make a strong impression during corporate travel or when arriving at a high-class event.

6. Passenger Bus Limousines

As your group grows beyond about 16 people, you’ll need larger vehicle options. The passenger bus limousine offers seating for anywhere from 25 to 35 people with ample space for luggage or supplies. These limousines offer an excellent option for special events, retreats, or service groups.

7. Coach Bus Limousines

Groups beyond 35 passengers will require vehicles that can accommodate everyone. That’s where the coach bus limousine proves best.

These large vehicles provide comfortable seating for anywhere from 50 to 65 passengers. Many coach buses also have additional features like on-board wifi, reclining seats, and outlets. As a result, buses offer ideal amenities for long journeys with large groups.

8. Specialty and Novelty Limousines

Finally, specialty and novelty limousines provide similar benefits to stretch limos but have very different aesthetic appeals. From vintage cars to convertible limousines, these specialized vehicles make for a fun, unique experience.

Ride in the Perfect Vehicle for You With Tangier Transportation

Enlisting a limo service for a night out can eliminate so much unnecessary travel stress and mitigate complex logistics. Whether you have a group of two or 20, our professional drivers and luxury vehicle options can make your night smooth and enjoyable. Explore our luxury fleet of sedans, SUVs, Sprinter vans, stretch limousines, buses, and shuttles to find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

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