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St. Patrick’s Day Event Transportation in Washington DC
Event Transportation by Tangier Transportation for St. Patrick's Day in DC

St. Patrick’s Day is a yearly tradition for those that love to celebrate Irish culture or heritage. For those traveling or living around Washington DC, you can expect different events to take place around the city that day. Check out these events you can participate in during St. Patrick’s Day.

Bar Crawl

As Irish culture heavily involves drinking, various bar crawls happen during St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll start at a single bar where you might have a single drink or whole round of drinks before going on to the next bar. These types of events are great for when you want to party and socialize with a new group of people every time you switch bars.

Since bar crawls happen for multiple hours at a time, you’ll want event transportation to take you between each bar so you and your party aren’t tiring out their feet when looking just to party. The type of transportation you want would be through a chauffeur service like Tangier Transportation Services so you always have a ride waiting for you as you leave each bar.

Floral Design

If you’re someone who loves flowers, Washington DC has the event for you. The St. Patrick’s Day Blooms is an event in which you can have fun creating your own floral designs while drinking on various Irish-themed cocktails. Visitors will also be able to enjoy a whole variety of food while creating their own designs.

Make sure that you have event transportation after this event as you’ll still have plenty of time left over to check out a bar or other activities in town for more Irish fun.

Cookie Decorating

Children typically get left out of a lot of the St. Patrick’s Day fun due to the holiday heavily revolving around drinking. However, children do have their own range of activities they can have fun with like the St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Decorating event.

At this event, each participant will be given their own table and a set of 12 different cookies to decorate. You’ll be given templates for different Irish designs you can use on your cookies as you will. Once you’re done creating your cookies, you can take them home to enjoy later.

While not focused on drinking, this event does have free wine and beer for adults participating so it can be a good idea to have event transportation so you can have fun drinking and making cookies with your family without having to worry about how you’re going to get home after the event.


Ireland isn’t just known for their drinks but their great food as well. The Cuisine of Ireland is a great event for those that want to check out what Irish cuisine consists of.

Guests will be able to experience various courses like appetizers and a full entree that consists of ribs and carrots. Once guests are done with their dinner, they will also have a decadent dessert of Irish pancakes and ice cream.

The event ends early in the night so guests might want to have private transportation to check out other events the city has to offer or just go out drinking at a local bar.