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Plotting a Route for a Tacky Lights Tour in Virginia: Top Destinations
Plotting a Route for a Tacky Lights Tour in Virginia: Top Destinations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means it’s time to book your tacky lights tour with a Fredericksburg limo service. While many people decorate their houses with classic light displays, Virginians have a tradition for brilliantly bombastic spectacles. Find great ideas for a tacky lights tour route here.

You can’t visit Virginia during the holiday season without touring the tacky light displays created by our locals. Whether a Virginia native or just passing through, booking a tacky lights tour with Tangier Transportation Services for your family and friends blends luxury style with whacky seasonal traditions. Listed below are a few must-see spectacles for your route this year.

#1 “The Christmas House”

At 2300 Wistar Court in Richmond, VA, sits “The Christmas House.” Owned by Frank Hudak, or Mr. Christmas as the locals call him, this house display consists of over 100 figures and 100,000 lights. Each year, Hudak dresses as Santa Claus to include himself in the exhibition. His tradition has spanned 51 years, and 2022 will be your last chance to see it under his watch.

While the tradition will continue through a neighbor’s efforts in 2023, you can’t afford to miss Hudak’s final hurrah this Christmas. After all, he’s the one who started it! Through his display, Hudak has raised thousands of dollars for the Boys & Girls Club. Make sure you include this decades-old crown jewel of tacky Christmas lights in your tour route.

#2 Christmas on Wendhurst Drive

At 9716 Wendhurst Drive in Glen Allen, VA, one family has made a name for itself with a massive Christmas display. Esther Thompson and her husband Al spend over two months planning and building their brilliant spectacle. That means they get started as early as September!

With over 180,000 lights and 1,800 homespun decorations, the Thompson house has earned a spotlight on multiple television productions, including The Great Christmas Light Fight. You don’t want to miss out on this cornerstone of tacky Christmas cheer. Add Wendhurst Drive to your list of tour destinations when you book our limo services.

#3 Hadley’s Winterland

At 7396 Kelshire Trace in Mechanicsville, VA, lies an interactive light show known as Hadley’s Winterland. This immersive experience will leave you breathless as you reach for your camera. Still, no photos can do the beloved Hadley’s Winterland justice. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

Featured on the television show The Great Christmas Light Fight, this incredible light display uses its fame to raise money for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. While you visit, make sure you write to Santa Claus. When you do it at this location, magic may happen. You could receive a reply! This feature makes for a fantastic midpoint on your tacky lights tour.

#4 Dawnridge Court Cul-de-Sac

To build one of the most iconic Christmas features ever, all the residents of the Dawnridge Court cul-de-sac coordinate a massive light display together. Located at 12618 Dawnridge Court in Midlothian, VA, the whole subdivision creates an eclectic Christmas experience you must see to believe.

Their light display has endured for the past decade and includes a rainbow of twinkling lights, inflatable figures, and more. Add this group effort to your shortlist of tour destinations this year. You won’t be disappointed.

#5 “A Phifer Christmas”

“A Phifer Christmas” holds the spot for perhaps the most over-the-top display. Located at 904 Ashbury Court in Richmond, VA, the Phifer household has kept up this tradition for nearly 50 years. Countless figures and 1.5 million lights stretch across the entire span of the yard and house.

This vast stretch of Christmas spirit won The Great Christmas Light Fight in 2017. You can even purchase some delicious hot chocolate to top off your visit. This helps the Phifers offset their power bill every year. It also offers the perfect way to end your tacky lights tour.

Plan Your Tacky Lights Tour With Tangier Transportation Services

Add a touch of class and style to your tacky lights tour with Tangier Transportation Services. We boast a fleet of beautiful cars and employ reputable drivers for every service. This year, give your friends and family the gift of a uniquely Virginian experience combining luxury and tradition. Book a limo service with us, and we’ll help you plan the perfect route.

Discover the best places to visit in Virginia year-round with Tangier Transportation Services. Call us at 703-474-2170 to learn more, and start booking today.