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Hiring the Best Chauffeur for Your Special Event
tangier has a chauffeur for your event

Transportation is one of the most overlooked, yet critically necessary parts of a special event. Whether you are planning a wedding, prom, milestone birthday, or night on the town, you will need a way to get from your home to your venue. Hiring the right chauffeur for your event requires planning and knowledge, so it pays to make this decision a priority in your planning.

Think About Logistics

Before you can start getting into the meat of planning your event transportation, it is helpful to think about your needs. Will the event be held in a location far from your home or hotel? How many people will need to ride in your chauffeured vehicle? Will you need your vehicle for the duration of the event or simply to pick you up and drop you off? Will you need someone to drive your car or will you need a car included with the service?

Create a rough outline of what you will need and the times that you will need service. At this stage, it pays to think of your budget and how your chauffeur will fit into it as well.

Chauffeurs Provide Professional Service

A personal chauffeur provides a layer of professionalism that you won’t find in app-based car services. They arrive, dressed in formal wear, ready to escort you from your hotel’s entrance to your car. They greet you warmly, handle your luggage, and open doors with grace. They have impeccable driving records, getting you to your destination safely and on time. They are the consummate professionals, giving you the privacy you crave while also being available to meet any needs that may arise.

Chauffeurs Provide Hassle-Free Logistics

When you hire a chauffeur for your event, you don’t have to worry about things like mapping out routes, avoiding traffic, or gathering cash for tolls. You simply get in and ride away. Your chauffeur will plan your entire trip from start to finish, working in any stops you need to make along the way. They can also plan multiple pick-ups, one-way trips and take alternative routes if necessary. They can drive in all types of weather, and they pride themselves on their excellent driving records. When you hire a professional driver, you can be assured that he will do what he does best.

Chauffeurs are Affordable

When people think of a chauffeur, they think of a service afforded only to the rich and celebrities. The reality is that hiring a chauffeur for your event is more affordable than you think, and can represent cost savings over car rental, tolls, gas, and parking fees. When you hire a personal driver, you are getting great value for your money and saving time.

In addition to saving you money, they also save you stress. Preparing for a big event can be overwhelming with a million small details that demand your attention. With a chauffeur, your ride to your wedding, birthday party, or corporate event is taken care of. One less thing for you to worry about.

How to Avoid a Bad One

While most chauffeurs perform superbly, there are many who are not so great. Avoiding a bad one is a matter of doing your due diligence and paying attention to crucial clues. First, it pays to read reviews. If your personal driver has multiple bad reviews over a period of months or years, beware. This is a sign that the company does not employ the most professional drivers and your experience may be less than ideal.

If you get a bad first impression of either the driver or the company, think twice about hiring them. If the driver arrives in a dirty car, not properly dressed or late without explanation, you may be in for a bad overall experience. While it may be too late to cancel that specific driver, you can avoid hiring them in the future.

Ask for a referral. Do you know of a friend who has hired a driver in the past? Ask for a personal recommendation for a chauffeur for your event. In addition, social proof in the form of happy customer posts on social media or glowing online reviews can help you to make a safe decision about hiring your driver.

When you want to arrive at your event in style, there is no better way than with a professional chauffeur. We have decades of experience serving clients in the Fredericksburg, VA and Washington, DC areas, and we pride ourselves on employing a team of professional drivers who are eager to drive you to your next special event. Call us for a consultation today.